Forest Shoot

I remember the first time I met Kathryn, it was mid 2014, at an Expo. From the moment we met, I could tell she meant business. Kathryn is super professional and one of the loveliest people. A natural performer and so easy when it comes to the camera. I have counted it a privilege and delight to be able to photograph her at several shows. We decided to do an outdoor shoot recently in the forest and I must say, it was a picture perfect day.

A vivacious, young lady with grace and poise, but such strength in her voice and her passion is visibly displayed through her singing. Her face mirrors her story and her deep compassion comes through very strongly with each performance.

Kathryn performed at the Cheese & Wine Festival recently where 5000 people gathered to enjoy her amazing talent. To find out more about her and her music, follow her on Facebook:


If you would like to book her for an occasion, here is her website link: http://www.kathrynswain.com

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