Wedding – Sam & Mark

On the 20 August 2016, Sam and Mark were getting married. I felt honoured to be their photographer.  As I drove out to the reception venue (to take some photos of the decor), I felt excitement mounting;  it was a beautiful sunny winter’s day – a perfect day chosen for them to wed; not a breath of wind! On the drive out to Black Marlin I opened my window and breathed in the fresh sea air. The venue was done up in shades of gold, cream and a hint of pink – a dreamy setting for any bride.

Next, I headed off to the lovely cottage where Sam was getting ready with her bridesmaids. The cottage overlooks the sea and is just a stone’s throw away from the church.   There was a flurry of activity happening all around me – hairdos, make-up and the like were in full swing. Stylish cupcakes filled the kitchen table and glancing over, I saw another table laden with Proteas in different shades that looked like they had been dusted with pink fairy dust.

While all this was going on, my assistant went to meet the men and take a few photos of them preparing – they seemed far more chilled then Sam.

After Sam got dressed and ready, we took off for the church, where her bridegroom eagerly awaited his bride.  As I walked into the church, I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of the little church on the hill. It just completed the picture.  It was lovely to see the two precious children being part of Sam and Mark’s special day.

Sam, I would like to say, I am sure your mom and dad are smiling down from heaven and wish you every happiness you so richly deserve.

May God grant you and Mark every blessing as you build your lives together and may He lead and guide you all your days!

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