Luca turns 2

I had the privilege a few weeks ago, to do a photo shoot of Luca’s birthday party – it was a ‘Cars’ themed party. It was a beautiful sunny day! Upon arrival at the venue, I wandered down the pathway to the spot where the party was to take place. The garden is surrounded by lush trees and a little bridge adds a special touch to the garden – I felt like I was in a magical fairyland. Ring-A-Rose is an event company that caters for any event, namely parties, weddings and the like. The staff had set up tables and the place had been turned into a kid’s paradise. Set in the picturesque Noordhoek, the venue can comfortably host several people at a time. As the parents arrived, the little ones ran off to play. A lovely scene was set – an enormous jungle gym stood out, as well as other equipment geared for play. I could see from the expressions on the little faces, they were loving it. The party was a hit – I saw one little boy tucking into the candy floss. Delicious eats were set out for the parents – salmon rolls and delicious yummy soup was on offer. What really blew my mind, was the popcorn machine – there is nothing quite like, freshly popped popcorn!

The parents mingled and enjoyed the day. Big thanks to Anahi for the opportunity!


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I had a fun time shooting Max, a 19 month old toddler and brother to baby Cruz. It was a little difficult, as Max had just woken up from his nap. I am sure it didn’t help seeing a lady with a huge big camera. Max however soon settled and started playing in the garden, enjoying the swing and his bike. I brought along some bubbles and excited giggles were the order of the day. Little Max seemed to relax and go with the flow. I even managed to get a few shots with him sitting next to his baby brother, Cruz! Thank you heaps Max, for giving me the time to capture your smile, your beautiful eyes and your unique little mannerisms and so much more!

Pablo Casals 1876 – 1973
The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.


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Baby Cruz arrives

The sun was shining brightly on Friday afternoon, as I drove out to meet Elizabeth. It was truly a pleasure and delight to take photos of 7 week old baby Cruz.  I can see that Cruz is a happy and content little fellow. This comes as no surprise, as mom Elizabeth, exudes such peace and her face radiates her joy in her children. Not only did I take photos of little Cruz, but also of brother Max – photos to follow. I even managed to get a little snap with proud granny. The smile upon her face tells the story.

A big thank you to Elizabeth for the wonderful opportunity!

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”
  — Jess Lair

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House Of Braganza

I was recently approached to shoot a B&B in the heart of Kommetjie.  Here are just a couple of photos of the elegant interior of this 4 star accommodation. To welcome you is Henobi Pretorius, who has been running the business for quite some time and is pretty much hands-on with service. If you are looking for breathtaking views and luxurious rooms and delicious breakfast, then this certainly is the place for you. Warm, friendly hospitality awaits you, as well as one of the most beautiful beaches that stretches all the way to Noordhoek.

A little background on Kommetjie –

Kommetjie’s name means “Little Bowl” and is named after the circular bowl-like sea basin ”Die Kom” which forms the heart of this quiet rustic seaside village. Once you experience Kommetjie, it remains an unforgettable experience and lingers in your memory.

Kommetjie is also home to many surfers who frequent the beach as well as kite surfing.  Crayfish (Cape Rock Lobster) is King in Kommetjie and birdlife is one of the greatest highlights for bird watchers.  South Africa’s tallest cast iron lighthouse – the Slangkoppunt Lighthouse is also another tourist experience that shouldn’t be missed. Take a tour and climb to the top to see Cape Point Nature Reserve and Hout Bay .

Imhoff Farm is just before Kommetjie on the right and there you will find camels which are very popular for camel rides. The farm boasts a restaurant, tea room and lovely country produce as well as a variety of crafts. Kids can enjoy the farmyard and snake park.

There are many more adventures to be enjoyed in Kommetjie.

To check out House of Braganza, click on the link:


Portrait Shoot with Kathryn Swain


Last week I had the opportunity to do an indoor Portrait shoot for Kathryn Swain. This was a lot of fun and the afternoon disappeared in a blink of an eye! Kathryn needed head shots for two exciting reasons.

Kathryn has entered her original “Breva” jingle.

To help her win you can vote here: .

It only works on a computer and not ON SMART PHONES.

Kathryn has also entered for the ARTS International Showcase Competition. If she wins she will be afforded the opportunity to go to AMERICA!! Hope the photos help!

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Camphill Village


I was touched to be part of the Talent Show held at Camphill Village this past Saturday evening. Each person added their own sparkle to the evening. With great delight each one took to the stage, either by performing a music item, song or dance.  Fits of laughter and heartfelt moments were felt throughout the course of the evening. At interval, delicious soup was served with home baked rolls from the bakery. The dessert table had yummy cakes and brownies for sale.  The evening was a pleasant experience from beginning to end. Camphill had arranged some judges for the evening. The judges take a personal interest in music and media and come highly recommended. Prizes and certificates were handed out at the end of the evening and as always, the people were made to feel special. From the staff, to the residents, Camphill Village is a loving, caring environment that gives people purpose and dignity. The love and care is visibly felt. To find out more about Camphill Village, check out their website:

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Forest Shoot

I remember the first time I met Kathryn, it was mid 2014, at an Expo. From the moment we met, I could tell she meant business. Kathryn is super professional and one of the loveliest people. A natural performer and so easy when it comes to the camera. I have counted it a privilege and delight to be able to photograph her at several shows. We decided to do an outdoor shoot recently in the forest and I must say, it was a picture perfect day.

A vivacious, young lady with grace and poise, but such strength in her voice and her passion is visibly displayed through her singing. Her face mirrors her story and her deep compassion comes through very strongly with each performance.

Kathryn performed at the Cheese & Wine Festival recently where 5000 people gathered to enjoy her amazing talent. To find out more about her and her music, follow her on Facebook:

If you would like to book her for an occasion, here is her website link:

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Grace De La Hunt


Grace de la Hunt – a young musician who always brings such a beautiful stage presence. Grace is vocally trained and plays guitar and piano. Her voice has a rich husky quality to it. Her genre is pop/rock and she is a singer/songwriter. I have watched Grace a couple of times and get lost in her beautiful sound. Her songs are funky and young and I wouldn’t expect anything less, as Grace is just that. Her voice and beauty have a hypnotic ability – all eyes are riveted on her at any of her shows.

I have had the absolute honour and privilege to take several photos of Grace over the past year.

Take a listen -you will be surprised at the maturity of her voice for someone so young. To find out all about her upcoming events, follow her on Facebook:

The link to her music: