Newborn Photo Shoot – Gary Anthony Sutton


Just over a week ago, Mikki and I had a photo shoot with Penny and her family. We were welcomed in warmly and made to feel comfortable. What truly touched me, was the unity between Penny, her husband and the two older brothers. The bond is visible and was felt so strongly by us. Mikki and I happily fitted in with the family and enjoyed every minute of the afternoon. I must commend Penny on being such a gentle mommy – motherhood definitely becomes her. We wish you a wonderful life as a family and especially with little Gary being the latest addition to the family – may God have His hand on all you do.

Lord look down from Heaven above

and touch this special child with love

Protect and guide this little one

till each and every day is done

Remind us often that it’s true

this little life is a gift from you

A miracle you’ve sent our way

Lord, bless this little child today – author unknown