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Wedding of Alistair and Lindsay

The  10 April 2016 was a day destined for Alistair and Lindsay to get married.  From the beauty surrounding us all, to the picture perfect day, everything flowed so magically. I want to say a very big thank you to both Alistair and Lindsay for the wonderful opportunity to take photos of your special day. May […]

Loans Family Shoot

When I was approached recently to do a family shoot for Nikki and her family, I was tickled pink. It was to be my very first family photo shoot………… eeek!  Excitement and butterflies filled me. When the day finally dawned, my assistant and I headed out to Noordhoek Common, to meet the family. From the […]

Baby Yohlaka

  About a month ago, a beautiful boy and his mom paid me a visit.  It was such a fun morning getting to know mommy, as well as Yohlaka. I feel truly blessed to have met them both. May you be blessed as a family and may God lead  and keep you in His perfect […]

Baby Ben

I was truly privileged to do a photo shoot of little Ben – baby of Tim and Amy Keller. It was such a pleasure, as Ben is one of the easiest little guys I have ever seen. Lovely mom Amy must have a special touch, but come to think of it, Amy is a teacher […]

Levi turns 1

A while back I had the opportunity to take photos at Levi’s first birthday party. It was such a great time – the family were so welcoming and hospitable to myself and my assistant, Mikki. We just went with the flow and enjoyed taking photos with the children and family, as well as the extended […]


  I felt deeply honoured and privileged to be chosen as Clint and Dee’s wedding photographer. It was a very special day, as many family members traveled far and wide to attend their special ceremony.  The day was heartwarming in every sense of the word, as the love Clint and Dee feel for one another, was […]

Johnny, Denise and Olivia

I feel truly blessed as I share this. Denise and Johnny were introduced to me through a close friend of theirs and I was truly honoured to share this wonderful journey with them. From the baby shower in their home, to a maternity shoot at Noordhoek Common and this past Saturday to welcome little Olivia […]

Powder Paint Shoot at EduExcellence

I recently had the absolute pleasure and delight to spend an afternoon at EduExcellence in Noordhoek. When Neal approached me about a powder paint shoot, I was excited and nervous at the same time, as  I had never done something like this, or even heard of it. Upon arrival, I felt butterflies in my tummy, […]

Sonja and Riaan

It was my absolute pleasure and delight to be the official photographer for Sonja and Riaan at their wedding. From the moment Sonja and I met, I felt an instant connection with her and we chatted like we had known each other forever. I was very nervous, knowing that it would be my very first […]

Olly turns 1

I had the absolute pleasure and delight to take photos on Ollys’ big day. As we arrived at the house, we were welcomed warmly by Kathy and Lisa.  Glancing around the room, I could see how much effort had been put, into making this a very special day for the big boy. Family and friends […]